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What engine does this game use?
cheat engine.
make an aimbot for warband dipshit and i will make a hack for this shitty game :)
Mount and Blade / Re: Unblockable attack
« Last post by MrMedic on Today at 12:39:31 AM »
yes mate , come in im on now.
Random Insanity Board / Re: What are you listening to now?
« Last post by ZOldDude on Yesterday at 06:04:49 AM »
Top Tracks - Quindar

Of course, it can apply to two games since they have same mechanics: Empire TOtal War and Napoleon Total war, both havent anticheats only desync issues normal to peer to peer games. I have over 200(!!!) Cheat Engine tables for both of them but i want to make them work in multiplayer by some modifications in game memory and possibly packet editin and i dont know how.

this is twice now , find what scans it ( it will look to you like its scanning for no reason ) thats the desync. then fix it so it reports normal values ie log what it was before you change it and when that routine scans it send the logged value. ( in other words tell it to go fuck its self. )
I checked what has acces to it with cheat engine, how can i check what "scans" it? With what tool? Cheat Engine shows nothing interesting.
lol You are not going to be able to create hack for NTW or ETW
They said same thing to Hannibal about plan to transport elephants through Alps and you know what happened. But really why you think its impossible? I made more than 200 cheat tables for those games its just matter now to make them work in multiplayer mode.
General Modding & Programming / Other Games / Re: Shellcode in two peers
« Last post by feldmarschall on August 19, 2017, 11:05:27 PM »
There is really no one on this forum who is experienced in hacking strategy games? just want 100%+ resources?
Less damage to your side and more to the other?

What resources? I just wanted to get some help with hacking complex game.

lol @ complex...

complex to you maybe , not to others.
Empire/Napoleon Total war(both have same mechanics) no one made a working multiplayer hack for those games yet so not only for me. Much more complex for sure than some aimbot for warband.

I gonna keep his topic so maybe someone not so unkind gonna contritute
Mount and Blade / Re: Unblockable attack
« Last post by Mercenary_Frank on August 19, 2017, 08:06:09 PM »
lol you also having fun on TG_Arena xD
Mount and Blade / Re: Unblockable attack
« Last post by JMason2706 on August 19, 2017, 05:47:32 PM »
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